Dreamville and earthgang-Ghetto Gods Freestyle


[Intro: DJ Drama]


A lot of talk about what's Atlanta and what's not

You wanna see what Atlanta is?

You know what I mean? Reassurance

Too easy

Pop your shit now (Gangsta Grizzillz)

EARTHGANG, home worldwide

Home certified, gon' testify (Hold on, hold on, hold on)

Price for a feature gon' cost your life

Where you goin'? Where you goin'? Hold on

Bruh (Who me?), hold on

Fuck that shit (Mr. Thanksgiving)

[Verse 1: Johnny Venus]

Bitches, EARTHGANG, home worldwide

Home certified, gon' testify

Price for a feature, that'll cost your life

Fuck your top ten, what your top five?

You in the presence of the most high

Speak with the tongue of the most fly

A couplе of stars in the roof, it's true

I'm really a star, my nigga, thе proof

I father the youth, I taught them the truth

I show them the lies, I open they eyes

The real niggas rise, it's diamonds inside

Okay, it's my turn, the turn of the tides

I pray up to God

Don't fuck with the schools or government

Laws or none of they rules

The media lie every day on the tube

Tupac with a billi, my everyday move (Get 'em)

[Verse 2: Doctur Dot]

Fuckin' money up, hit my baby mama up

Who you with? Fuck that shit, I'm pullin' up

Threw a brick through a nigga Uber-Lyft

Knew he was a bitch, knew he'd try to dip

I be lyin', say I do it for the kid

I just really fuck with doin' stupid shit

White crowds like I'm Hootie and the Fish

Fuckin' on a freaky, moody, lil' bitch

I don't ever stick around to shoot the shit

FaceTime nine times out of ten

I be in the whip, droppin' off the jit

Droppin' off some dick

Sand bars with me like I'm Michael Vick

Chopper ate a nigga up, Kyle Pitts

Sandlot, big dog, I'm a beast

Same time niggas populate the pics

[Verse 3: 2 Chainz & DJ Drama]

Pick a ring, flick

Pinky ring pink

Pussy real pink

(Talk your shit, Tit) Sink, okay

I'm on my way, want me get in there?

Been a real nigga turned a millionaire

Why you sittin' there?

I'll make a million dollars by the time you been got up and did your hair

Far as Louis Vuitton, I got sixty pair, you could pick a pair

In the fruit fight, you couldn't pick a pear

Some might say a grammatical error

My granddad had a Chrysler LeBaron

Then my dad caught prison time

Mom start cryin', fucked up her mascara

My trap house had a long-ass line

Twelve for the shit, it's porcupine

Stuck like truck

Fuck them fines, fuck that court

Young, Black nigga, I ain't tryna be broke

Young, Black nigga, I ain't tryna be broke

Rolled 'em dice, then rebuck

Take the dough, then re-up

My new crib like my ego

'Cause that shit is big as fuck


[Outro: DJ Drama]

Let me explain something

Every time you hear my voice

I'm thinkin' Mount Rushmore

And there's only a couple spots available

What's a king to a god?

What's a god to a non-believer?

In this case, only the legacy we leave behind

Just make sure you quote me when I'm gone

(Gangsta Grizzillz)

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