Dreamville and omen--Ballin in Newport


[Intro: DJ Drama]

Whether it's twenty three, twenty four, six, eight, thirty

It's all destined for the Hall of Fame

[Verse 1: Omen]

Been together since age nine, the brothers I never had

Times forever last inside my paragraphs

Ballin' in Newport, was barely aware in class

I'm tryna hoop, my mind stuck in this hourglass

None of us had our dad, I had my step-pops

Didn't know what I had, he never flip-flopped

On giving me what I lacked

When I hit pit stops my family always there

Studying hip-hop upstairs in my granny pad

I got a new love and this ain't heaven's dance

Feeling this avalanche taming in wondеrland

Music's in my blood, the flow is genetic thin

Poppa was a Motown singin' hеartbreaker from the Chi

Soon to be shot on stage when I was five or six

Survived it, saw a bright light in silence

To this day he vividly describes it

How could I be godless? My mother is a goddess

Went away to college, now I'm my own pilot

Brothers that I never had went to different schools

Now when I feel the blues don't know who to talk to

Life never came with a walkthrough strategy guide

Moved out to New York with no family ties

I'm on my own, no time to watch Family Guy

I'm tryna blow, exactly how my sanity died

Tryna get known, thirsting for approval, it's usual

My pen touch your heart like voodoo

She said I was boring but the feeling was mutual

Turn down King, give a fuck what you're used to

[Chorus: Omen & DJ Drama]

Never ever felt so free

Never ever felt so me

(Gangsta Grillz)

Never ever felt so free

Never ever felt so me

(Shit, we ballin' in Newport, free at last)

(Omen, talk to 'em), yeah

[Verse 2: Omen]

They say my ambiance is way too nonchalant

Faced all kinds of times, they thinkin' like dinosaurs

Loud as tyrannosaurus

Can't see how I got this far

Who's the model or prototype I should source?

Nobody perfect here, what's on the surface?

Just some shit you work to build but I been searching

For what's been underneath my shield

Can't keep worshipping niggas that's unhappy, even if they got athlete

I always wanted to be even if they'd out-rap me

More dollar signs, more bitches, I can't exactly

Follow what you say like it's all satisfactory

Plus the rich and famous seem to have the most tragedies

So what's the strategy for happiness now?

Need the master key, somebody bring Khaled around

Fuck the past, only focus on what's happenin' now

Unless what's happenin' now has got you in debt and doubt

Know you chasing some dreams but what you chasin' 'em for?

Every time you remember why you can't take yourself forward

I've connected with something deeper so now I need more

Give me peace, give me calm, and a Bentley Azure

Need a car as classic as these bars

From afar everything is a star, gotta see with your heart

[Outro Chorus: Omen & DJ Drama]

(These bars cross you over like number three)

Never ever felt so free

Never ever felt so me

(Dominate the whole game like KD)

(Make it look flawless like Kyrie)

Never ever felt so free

Never ever felt so me

(Welcome to the dynasty)


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