Tory Lanez - Florida Shit


"Florida Shit"


That's why I fucked your bitch

Haha, aye, aye

This shit specially sent out (It's specially sent)

To all my niggas from Florida (All my bitches too)

Haha, aye, aye

Yeah, I'm talking North Miami, poppin' to Orlando

Jacksonville, Tampa, all y'all niggas up there, I see you (Oh, shit, bitch)

Aye, Kodak, you gon' be proud of this flow right here, watch this, watch this, aye


I swear for God, I'm only stepping for my own fam

I'm praying when I see my enemy, this shit don't jam

He been staying inside like quarantine, that's why I don't see him

Hope my label drop, they know it's me soon as them ho's see 'em

I'm swagging up out that hot car, look like I'm Puerto Rican (What?)

From out of the dark, we rockstars, and plus, we holding pieces

You wouldn't even let me get that pussy, why you wanna tease me?

You want your period at 5 A.M, then why you wanna see me? (Lil' bitch)

I'm putting my foot down on these ho's and now they talking easy

Getting ready to dip all on this chick, it look like Polynesian

My flow west-side, my bitch chest out

Got catch me from the left side, cause that's my best side

Got to hop in and ride this dick 'cause ain't no time to test drive

She ain't do shit for your side, but she getting fucked, this side

Twenty thousand dollars in bottles, my tendencies taller

Lie to him, said it was runts, but I sold him gelato

I know that bitch be calling me daddy, but that bitch ain't my daughter (Nah)

Jay whipping up in that Catty 'cause that Lambo stalling

I done shot dice with everybody in Barcelona

Thirty thousand, well, tell a bitch to call her homie, aye

Rockin' Prada, I'm looking like the God father

Aye, spoil the bitch, you'd think the bitch my God daughter (Aye)

Yuh, we moving the za-za all the way out in Texas

Niggas hating, I clique up with the Mexicans

Telling you, I'm a lil' more famous, bitch, I ain't a pedestrian (Woah)

Yeah, I'm a lil' too faded, I might fuck your best friend, woah

I'm topping on za-za, I'm one with the raw-raw

Fucking these bitches, I'm making them top off, ho, til' she cock off

"Want me to take you to dinner, baby?" Mm, nah-uh

Giving a fuck, I take the baddest lil' bitch to Popeyes

I got the Urus painted yellow just to match the furniture

Whores on my floor dancing like it's Caribana

She think she poppin' 'cause he eat a pussy, bitch, nada

Yeah, I promise around here, shawty, you gettin' some, nada

A lot of these pussy niggas will tell you they love you but they leaches

You say you love me and you my partner, why I ain't get on no feature?

I'm doing this shit for them Florida jit's that's out here doing my pieces

She running and slipping to that bank, bitch, I feel like Regis (Yeah)

Okay, I'm poppin' Prada, I'm dropping dollars

I'm poppin' the bitch then pop your collar, I got to holler

I'm fucking a bitch from Guatemala, with all the [?]

I'm stepping this bitch, I ain't a baller, I'm baller, baller

Okay, and I ain't no getting back out the beef

Fuck niggas try to trick me out the streets

If I ever copped a plead and I was tryna keep a player (What?)

Just know, I'ma kill your ass later, boy (Haha)

Back to these ho's, you know they've gotten so filthy

She hopping up on my dick, she tryna ride it and milk it

She like how the inside of my Rolls-Royce so silky

I like how the inside of that pussy felt when I peeled it (Yeah)

She dropped down, got her eagle on, then I kill't it

My auntie tried to tell me "Stop sippin," I still sip

It's propaganda, I drop the Fanta

I'm mixing the lean, the Tropicana

Like arm and hammer

And I'm a gangster on the scene, but not on camera (Nah)

The fuck nigga be doing my green, so I'ma blam it (Bap, bap)

It's Tory, nigga, aye

And when you see swanging on that muhfuckin' 95

And your bitch swanging out that window like "Damn, who the fuck is that, nigga?"

Just know, nigga, it's me shining like a muhfuckin' diamond

If I'm lying, I'm flying, bitch, you know what the hell it is

Man, anytime I go out I'm in there like swimmer

Out there like mouth gettin' bitched

I'm sliding down from muhfuckin' Lauderdale, just picked up a QP

Rich niggas [?], broke boys at [?], man

You know how this shit is

Uh, miss the red cup, one cup, two cup, blue cup, I keep on going

Your ho keep on ho'ing

And anytime I get caught with this ice, nigga, it keep on snowing

Damn, these ho's love me, nigga

You know what it is, I'm sippin' bubbly, nigga

I got ho's on my dick, nigga, and I can never stop it (Why?)

'Cause I'm gorgeous, baby, I'm fuckin' gorgeous

That's my outro

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